The owners of DiamonZ Gems have been working with Cubic Zirconia (CZ) stones since the first time the stones entered the industry. When these incredible stones were introduced over 30 years ago, we realized that these stones would revolutionize the jewelry industry and give every person the ability to own beautiful and elegant jewelry.  With that as our goal, we created different collections, one or two for every consumer!

We offer a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors of top quality genuine cubic zirconia stones. MADE IN THE USA, our team will hand set each  stone into your choice of setting metals. We offer nickle-free fashion metals of Goldtone or Silvertone. And our Luxury line includes jewelry made of Sterling Silver (.925) and 14kt Gold.

Over the years we have worked with specialty stores, hospitals and gift shops, premium and incentive markets, event planners, fund-raisers, and major internet shopping sites.  We give you literally thousands of different choices to customize a program that suits your needs.  Want Prices?  Just give DiamonZ a call and let us customize a program for you!

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